Monday, March 25, 2019

Reading for April 2nd

Read Genesis 45.1-28
Joseph reveals his true identity to his brothers.
In verse  5: Joseph recognizes that his slavery and coming to Egypt was part of a larger plan to preserve life for both his own family and "all the families of the earth" (12.3).
In verse 10: Goshen is a fertile pasture land in the delta region of the nile River in Northeast Egypt (47.1-16.
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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Reading for April 1st

Read Genesis 44.1-34
Joseph puts his brothers to the text.
In verse 4: Why have you returned evil for good?
This question sounds like a theme central to the Joseph story as a whole.
Joseph's words to his brothers in 50.20 summarize the theme of the interplay of good and evil.
In verse 5: Divination is the skill of determining the divine will or plan for the future.
This was apparently done by  observing the effects created by certain objects placed in the water contained in the sacred cup (v. 4).
In verse 9: The brother's words unknowingly put Benjamin under the threat of death since the silver cup was planted in his sack (vv. 2, 12).
In verse 13: They tore their clothes a sign of intense anguish and grief.
In verse 14: The story places Judah in the foreground as the leader of his bothers.
He is about to play a key role as the hero in this scene.
Joseph's earlier dreams in 37.5-11 are again fulfilled as the brothers feel to the ground before him.
In verse 16: here we then, my lord's slaves: Those who once sold Joseph as a salve (37.28) offer themselves as slaves to Joseph.
In verse 17 Joseph offers the other brothers the temptation to save themselves by sacrificing Benjamin.
The test is a replay of the brothers' earlier decision to sacrifice their brother Joseph for their own benefit (37.28).
In verses 29, 31: Sheol is the place of the dead.
In verses 33-34: Judah offer himself in place of the boy, Benjamin.
Judah's willingness to sacrifice himself to save Benjamin redeems his earlier involvement in the plot to sell Joseph as a slave (37.26)
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Friday, March 22, 2019

Reading for March 31st

Read Genesis 43.1-34.
Joseph's brothers return to Egypt with Benjamin.
In verses 8-9: Judah puts himself on the line and reassures his father Jacob concerning Benjamin's safe return.
Judah's words prepare the reader for his later actions in 44.18-34.
In verse 23: Their brother Simeon had been detained in their first journey to Egypt (42.19, 24).
He is now freed to return to his brothers.
In verse 26: The prediction of Joseph's earlier dreams is fulfilled a second time when Joseph's brothers bowed to the ground before him (37.5-11;2.6).
In verse 29: Joseph and Benjamin were the only son's of their mother, Rachel.
Thus, they are full brothers.
In verses 33-34: The order of honor is typically the firstborn as most honored and the youngest as least honored.
But Benjamin as the youngest of the twelve brothers receives preferential treatment.
This continues the important theme throughout Genesis of the favored younger son (20.10; 25.23; 37.3,8).
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Reading for March 30th

Read Genesis 42.26-38
In verse 38: Sheol is a  dusty pit under the earth where all the dead go.
Jacob does not want to die and old man (mt gray hairs) consumed by sorow.
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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Reading for March 29th

Read Genesis 42.1-25
Joseph's brothers seek food in Egypt
In verse 4: Benjamin is the youngest of Jacob's sons.
He is the one full brother that Joseph has since Benjamin and Joseph are the only children of Jacob's favored wife, Rachel.
In verse 6: Joseph's brothers unknowingly fulfill the prediction in Joseph's earlier two dreams in
They bowed themselves before him.
In verse 22: A reckoning for his blood assumes a moral order in which murder or other wrongful actions will bring inevitable punishment (4.10; 9.5)
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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Reading for March 28th

Read Genesis 41.25-57
In verse 42: Pharaoh's signet ring has Pharaoh's official stamp or "signature."
He gives it to Joseph as a sign of his elevation to power as Pharaoh's representative.
Joseph's new garments of fine linen mark yet another transition in his life (see v.14).
In verses 51-52: The two names of Joseph's sons, Manasseh ("making to forget") and Ephraim ("to be fruitful"), celebrate Joseph's elevation out of slavery and prison.
In verse 57: The material benefit of providing food in the midst of famine throughout the world is another example of the fulfillment of the promise to Abraham that his family would be a blessing "to all the families of the earth" ((12.3).
The verse also provides a transition to the famine in Canaan and explains why Joseph's brothers will come to Egypt seeking food.
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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Reading for March 27th

Read Genesis 41.1-24
41.1-57 Joseph interprets the dreams of Pharaoh.
This story marks the key turning point in the Joseph's fortunes: His ability as a dream interpreter elevates him to the second in command of all Egypt.
In verses 1-7: This is the third of the three dream sequences in the Joseph story.
The dreams again appear as a pair, one about cows (vv. 2-4) and one about grain (vv. 5-7).
The Nile River that runs through the otherwise dry landscape is Egypt's primary source of water, fertility, and life (vv. 1-4).
In verse 14: Joseph's change of clothes marks major transition in his life throughout the story (37.23; 39.12; 41.42).
The doubling demonstrates that God has predetermined the events that are soon to happen.
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